Menstrual cycle tracking (MCT) is an important component of female athlete training, performance, recovery, and general wellbeing.

Hormone changes during a female’s menstrual cycle can impact their energy, mood and increase their injury risk, along with their overall ability to train, compete and perform.

The menstrual cycle tracking feature on Actimet allows athletes to quickly and easily record the length of their cycle as well as their symptoms including flow, pain/cramps, cravings, breast tenderness, and any additional comments.

The athletes are also provided with education regarding:

  • Their hormones and what can be expected at each of the four stages of menstruation.
  • Nutrition and what foods are recommended and why during each of the four stages.
  • Training and when to incease and decrease workloads during each stage of the cycle.

MCT allows coaching staff to monitor the athletes inputs via the Actimet web portal. Monitoring athlete menstrual cycle will help the coach plan trianing workloads accordingly that are individial to ach athlete, with the goal of optimising perfomance and reducing injury risk.

Actimet creates a safe and open channel for female athletes to log and share their menstrual cycle with their coaching staff, along with providing practical, easy to understand informaton about their cycle.