For this case study, we met with Mark Dunne who is the team manager of St. Rynaghs Camogie Club. The team has been using Actimet to help improve training, performance, and player wellbeing.

The Opportunity:

The team plays 3 times per week for 90 minutes, but a lot of other things happen in their lives throughout the week. The managers wanted to ensure their wellbeing and welfare were monitored to ensure they would pick up on any issues players were encountering outside training.

The Challenge:

Players have commitments including exams, work, and families. These factors can sometimes lead to extra pressure being put on the players and as a result, can lead to a lack of productivity.

The Solution:

Actimet has enabled the coaches to manage players’ load more effectively. Thus leading to less risk of injury. Players have also been logging pains or aches, before implementing Actimet players would train without saying anything, thus leading to possible injuries.

The Outcome:

Since implementing Actimet there have been some positive impacts on the team. Players inputting their updates has led to conversations being started between coaches and players. If coaches see an input that raises questions or a worry for a particular player they will check in with that player to see if there is anything they can help them with. The system has played a big part in managing the mental load of players. Coaches know when to reduce pressure or change things for the players, even recommending individual players to take a session off if they need.





Menstrual cycle tracking is an important component of female athlete training, performance, recovery, and general wellbeing. 

Hormone changes during a female’s menstrual cycle can impact their energy, mood, and increase their injury risk, along with their overall ability to train, compete and perform.  

The menstrual cycle tracking feature on Actimet allows athletes to quickly and easily record the length of their cycle as well as their symptoms including flow, pain/cramps, cravings, breast tenderness and any additional comments.  

The athletes are also provided with education regarding:

– their hormones and what can be expecting at each of the four stages of menstruation,  

– nutrition and what foods are recommended and why during each of the four stages and,  

– training and when to increase or decrease workloads during each of the stages. 


MCT allows coaching staff to monitor the athletes inputs via the Actimet web portal. Monitoring athlete menstrual cycle will help the coach plan training workloads accordingly that are individual to each athlete, with the goal of optimising performance and reducing injury risk.  

Actimet creates a safe and open channel for female athletes to log and share their menstrual cycle with their coaching staff, along with providing practical, easy to understand information about their cycle.  


For this case study, we met with Iain Prendergast who is working in the areas of Sport and Nutrition with Galway United. Iain is involved with the under 14s, 15s, 17s, and 19’s teams and has been using Actimet to help improve training, performance, and player wellbeing.


The Opportunity:

The coaches wanted a system where they could monitor players and identify issues, with the aim of reducing player injury. In the 2020 season, a number of players experienced non-contact injuries. Coaches wanted to try to take a proactive approach to reduce injuries caused by factors such as lack of sleep, training overload, and stress.


The Challenge:

The coaches found it difficult to get players to open up about issues and difficulties they came across both in training and also outside training. The ultimate goal of coaches and management is to monitor players in order to ensure players are looked after and their needs are met.


The Solution: 

A monitoring system that:

1. Collects and presents data

The data is important to the managers and coaches as they can access relevant data on a daily basis. All the data compiled in one area makes it easier to track. Iain noted the data import capabilities are great to monitor particular metrics when tracking the players.

2. Is easy to use 
The system provides a seamless experience for players and coaches. Iain added that players are extremely efficient in submitting their information with approximately 90% of players keeping up to date with their inputs.

3. Allows coaching team to control training load distribution The system aids coaches in effectively managing training volume and intensity. This allows them to recognise quickly if the players are at risk of overtraining.


The Outcome:

Since implementing Actimet there have been positive changes to the team, training and environment.  There has been a dramatic decrease in injuries this season, with players logging their sessions and providing feedback. This in turn allows coaches to monitor and alter sessions to ensure players aren’t being overtrained, or carrying out unsuitable training types or loads. Special attention is also going to certain players who are doing exams such as the leaving certificate or college exams. The system also allows coaches to look at players’ inputs and understand why they aren’t performing as well as they usually are, which enables them to help coach & work on these areas. Since implementing the Actimet players have become more aware of their lifestyle habits including sleep, hydration, and stress. This then encourages players to improve these lifestyle habits thus improving overall performance.