About Us

The Actimet system is a powerful Athlete Monitoring and Reporting tool which provides a solution to some of the most prevalent problems in the sporting troika of Coach, Athlete and Team.

The Actimet mobile App allows the athlete to easily share and store data on training and rehab sessions, provide update on daily wellness and injury status, Review Sessions and future training schedules and easily provide feedback and rest day info to their coach.

Using Actimet’s strength calculator the athlete can also be sure of what weight they should lift dependent on the session type and intensity required.

On the other side the Coach can, via their online portal, view each athlete’s individual as well as collective session data, plan required training load on a weekly and monthly basis, review their athlete’s wellness and readiness to train, easily share training and session schedules, view reports on athlete and team efforts.

Actimet consists of a free to download mobile app for athletes and a team portal which a team / coach subscribes to, in order to see the athletes inputs.

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